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A Prayer for Today
January 19, 2021

Gracious and Loving God, as your people, we are expected to be compassionate as you are compassionate to us. This morning I pray for President Trump and his family. It does not matter at this point if I agreed with his policies, or if I think his children should have had so much power. What matters is that their family is in distress. They fought hard to stay in power, were self-serving, and were unable to graciously accept loss. The words they shared openly were devoid of love and peace and incited people to be their worst. These actions do not come from people who understand your unconditional love and your spirit of peace and hope. Help me to see them as you see them. They are wounded people who have left wounds on others, but they are still your children. My prayer is that they may be held accountable so that they may have an opportunity to learn and change. May they encounter people who are not seeking their influence, but sincerely offering friendship. May this experience humble them enough that they may recognize, experience, and acknowledge your love. May my heart be open, that I may pray for them each day, and learn more to love people even when they are at their worst. I thank you that love is more powerful than hate. Amen.