Caregiver Support

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Caregiving is hard, and caregivers of chronically ill people often feel stress. You are "on call" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you're caring for someone with mental problems like Alzheimer's disease, it can be especially difficult.

You can’t do it alone! The longer you are a caregiver, the more isolated you can become. But this lack of social interaction will lead to poorer health for you. We all need someone to talk to. Support groups can help reduce the feeling that you’re all alone and help you learn coping skills from others who are in similar situations.

The Hillview Caregivers Group will start meeting again on the third Thursday in June—June 20 at 10:30. We expect to have several new members in addition to Loretta Alloway, Fred Dunlap, Pete Nealis and Jeannie Swenson. Members are welcome to come if they are currently a caregiver or have been one in the past. Anyone is welcome to meet with us. This is an informal group and members attend when thev can. Meetings usuallv last one hour. Questions? Call Jeannie Swenson at 208-323-0141 or email her.