Class Schedule
September 15:   The Social Community—Rights of Women; Rights of Men
September 22:   The Social Community—Rights of Immigrants
September 29:   One Service at 10:00, followed by a potluck
October 6:   The Social Community—Rights of Persons with Disabilities; Equal Rights Regardless of Sexual Orientation
October 13:   The Social Community—Alcohol and Other Drugs; Tobacco
October 20:   The Social Community—Medical Experimentation; Genetic Technology
October 27:   The Social Community—Rural Life; Sustainable Agriculture; Urban-Suburban Life
November 3:   The Social Community—Media Violence and Christian Values; Information Communication Technology
November 10:   The Social Community—Persons Living with HIV and AIDS; Right to Healthcare
November 17:   The Social Community—Organ Transplantation and Donation; Mental Health
November 24:   The Economic Community—Property; Collective Bargaining
December 1:   The Economic Community—Work and Leisure; Consumption
December 8:   The Economic Community—Poverty; Foreign Workers
December 15:   The Economic Community—Gambling; Family Farms
December 22:   The Economic Community—Corporate Responsibility; Finance; Trade and Investment
December 29:   One Service at 10:00, followed by a potluck
January 5:   The Economic Community—Graft and Corruption; Public Indebtedness
January 12:   The Political Community—Basic Freedoms and Human Rights
January 19:   The Political Community—Political Responsibility; Church and State Relations; Freedom of Information
January 26:   The Political Community—Education; Civil Obedience and Civil Disobedience
February 2:   The Political Community—The Death Penalty; Criminal Justice and Restorative Justice
February 9:   The Political Community—Military Service
February 16:   The World Community—Nations and Cultures; National Power and Responsibility
February 23:   The World Community—War and Peace
March 1:   The World Community—Justice and Law