Faith in Action


Faith in Action is a vital part of our congregation's work. We offer all sorts of ways to engage the gospel and to take Christ to the world.

  • Balance mission participation between mercy (charity direct services) and justice (including advocacy, long-term solutions) programs.
  • Explore new ways to communicate justice issues to the congregation.
  • Strive to educate the Hillview congregation about God’s mission in our community, nation and world.
  • Make our congregation aware of the world’s challenges and raise their consciousness.
  • Network with other denominations and other United Methodist congregations for mission involvement in our community.
  • Involve all age groups in mission programs.


Hillview Mission Opportunities

How to keep up with Hillview mission opportunities….
Read the Hillview newsletter that is published weekly.

Check out the mission’s bulletin board that is on the kiosk in the church gathering area.  The kiosk is updated every one to two months and highlights mission projects or information about a mission issue, such as hunger in Idaho.

Check out the bulletin board in the hallway to Ballantyne Hall for mission display.

Mission Opportunity is given on Sunday mornings during worship as needed for a highlight for mission.