Kiva Loans

If you have not yet made a Kiva loan, you can join the team before you make your loan – or join to make an additional loan.  Go to the Hillview Team site. Click on Community and enter Hillview United Methodist in the search box.   When our team comes up, click on Join Team and complete the information.  This will help us track our loans.  Sorry – past loans cannot be added to the team roster.

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About Kiva

Kiva is a micro-finance umbrella organization based on the idea that low-income individuals are capable of lifting themselves out of poverty if given access to financial services. Its mission is to connect people, through lending, for the sake of alleviating poverty. By connecting people it can create relationships beyond financial transactions, and build a global community of support and encouragement. Kiva promotes dignity by encouraging partnership relationships as opposed to benefactor relationships. In addition, loans encourage more accountability than donations where repayment is not expected.

Kiva partners with existing microfinance institutions around the world (called Field Partners). These organizations facilitate Kiva loans on the ground. Field Partners know their local area and clients and do all the leg work required to ensure that the entrepreneur is a good lending risk and to get Kiva loans to the entrepreneurs.

Lenders (us) browse loan requests and select which ones they'd like to fund. Lenders can fund as little as $25 and as much as the entire amount of the loan. The Field Partner collects repayments which are credited to the Lenders’ accounts. Lenders can re-lend their funds to another entrepreneur, donate their funds to Kiva (to cover operational expenses), or withdraw their funds.