Legacy Endowment Program


The purpose of the Legacy Endowment Program is to provide ongoing funding for charitable, educational, and religious purposes not provided by the normal operating budget of the Church. To accomplish this, the Legacy Endowment Program encourages gifts to Hillview United Methodist Church and manages, invests and distributes earnings from those gifts into the future.

“Making a lasting difference”

As you take time to consider the blessings God has provided you, keep in mind that the Hillview United Methodist Church Legacy Endowment Program provides a way for you to show your thankfulness for God’s grace and love. Your generosity will become a perpetual blessing to others.

Gifts to the Program

Gifts to the Endowment Program allow each donor to make a lasting difference in the ministries of the Church. Each gift is invested with the intent to distribute 3.5% of its value each year while, through investment earnings, adding to the original gift amount. Gifts of any size are welcome. Gifts may be:

✴ Cash

✴ Stocks, bonds or other securities

✴ Real estate and personal property (subject to case-by- case review and acceptance by the Endowment Committee)

✴ Gifts by way of wills and other estate planning instruments such as charitable remainder trusts

✴ Life insurance proceeds

✴ Retirement funds (401(k) and IRA)

Income, capital gains or estate tax benefits may be realized through your gift to the Legacy Endowment Program. Consult your attorney or financial advisor for details and to discuss your options.

Endowment Fund Categories

Unrestricted Gifts - Gifts to the Legacy Endowment Program, with no specific statement of use by the donor, are Unrestricted Gifts. We strongly encourage Unrestricted Gifts because they provide the greatest flexibility in meeting both the short and long-term needs of the Church with the lowest administrative costs.

Restricted Gifts – Gifts to the Legacy Endowment Program with a specific statement of use by the donor are Restricted Gifts. Restricted Gift categories are:

✴ Mission Fund: For missions in and beyond the local Church and community.

✴ Property Fund: For maintenance, care, improvements or additions to or construction of Hillview’s physical facilities and exterior spaces.

✴ Donor-Designated Fund: Gifts of $25,000 or more may be made for donor-specified purposes, such as a named endowment fund (e.g. Jane Doe Music Fund, Pat Doe Camp Scholarship Fund).