Youth Group

Lunch will be served directly after church in the Youth House.*

Mountain Top

From Tyler Gallas: I have experienced God in so many ways in my life. Whether it be at school, at home, or at church, I see God’s work being done. None of these experiences even matches up to the ones I have seen on the mountaintop at Camp Sawtooth. I can go on for days about how God’s work is happening up on that mountain. I’ve seen God through the love we have for each other up there. I’ve seen God through the numerous activities we do at camp, but most importantly I’ve seen God in each and every person I have interacted with at Sawtooth. Seeing God in so many people and seeing God in all things that weHand holding a cross do is such an amazing thing and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. I hold all of those mountaintop experiences in my heart. I have this cross (at right) that I take with me everywhere. When I feel down, I hold that cross and start to pray. This cross is very special to me. That cross was touched and prayed over by my fellow camp family members and feeling the love from all of those people, even from miles away, is a very special thing. I think that mountaintop experience will remain in my memory forever.

May Calendar

7th Refreshments with the reverend.  Pastor Brenda will be going out to lunch with us to answer any  questions you have about faith, God, Methodism or life in general.  We’ll meet at the Youth House at 11:30 and return by 1:30.  Please bring $5 to contribute to lunch.


21st 11:30-1:30 Lunch Followed by a performance of “The Good Fight” by Romans 12 Performing Arts Company at noon in Ballantyne Hall. Friends and family are encouraged to attend!

28th NO YOUTH GROUP (Your youth leader is out of town.)

Mission Trip Stock Sales Begin May 7
Donate ANY amount and receive a certificate of support as well as an invitation to the mission trip presentation upon our return. The Youth Mission Trip to Seattle is June 25-June 30. Please pray for those going: Claire Chambers, Christi Perkey, Ron and Judy Halverson, Megan and Josh Gallas, Malcolm Chambers, Ryan Hanson, Aaliyah Armstrong, and Apryl and Chris Peterson.

*Please contact Claire at (208)761-7528 if you would like to help set up or provide food for lunches for our Youth Group!

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