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Velvet ElvisThis summer I took some time to re-read Rob Bell’s book Velvet Elvis. The title doesn’t suggest any sort of Christian reflection or study, but trust me, it is! The chapter that I ruminated on the most was entitled “Two Realms”—about Hell and Heaven. But Rob Bell wasn’t just talking about the metaphysical “Down there” or “up there”—he described heaven and hell as being right here, right now. Hell is in poverty, injustice and suffering. And as Rob Bell goes on to talk about “heaven” and the “kingdom of God,” he says, “The goal isn’t escaping this world but making this world the kind of place God can come to.” We have it in our power to create on Earth Heaven (or Hell). Heaven, the Kingdom of God is in our power to bring here. This will be the focus of youth ministry this year as we learn and explore: Who is God? What IS God’s “Kingdom” like? What on earth does God want from me? A daunting task, but one we must spend time on as we prepare for our next mission trip!  

September Schedule

2nd 11:30-1:30 At the Youth House. Regular Youth Group!
        1:30-2:00 Youth Council! Want to help plan Youth Group? Stick around! Open to all youth.

9th 11:30-1:30 At the Youth House. Minute-to-Win-It Games.

16th 11:30-2:00 Random Acts of Kindness Part 2! We’ll be spreading kindness throughout the Treasure Valley in a fun way!

23rd No Youth Group! (Women’s Retreat. Claire will be getting renewed like a library book!)

30th 11:30-1:30 At the Youth House. Game Day! Bring your favorite game to share and let’s just have some fun.

Coming up in October: Crop Walk! Are your walking shoes ready?

*Please contact Claire if you would like to help set up or provide food for lunches for our Youth Group!

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