Find a Racially Conscious Conversations group to join!


This home group meets Tuesday Nights at 7pm, and is hosted by Buddy, Charlotte, and their 1.5 year old Henri. There is a medium sized dog and a cat at this home near Ustick and Maple Grove, in case allergies are an issue.


This ZOOM group meets Saturdays at 10 am, and host Julia Mahaffey is open to a hybrid option in  East Boise, if others are interested in a group on that side of Boise.


This Group meets Fridays at 10 am in the vibe-filled library room at Hillview UMC, and has a ZOOM option for anyone who would like to join virtually. Host Judy Halverson has all the details.


Although this group in Fruitland Idaho doesn’t have a set day of the week or time yet, it does have a great host in Clynton Easley! Contact them if you’d like to join this group meeting at Fruitland UMC.


The specific meeting location, day, and time of this group in Idaho’s Magic Valley is still to be determined, but reach out to the host, Rap Howell, if you are interested in joining this group!


Not finding a group in your neighborhood, or that meets a time which works well for you? Sign up using the form below to lead your own Racially Conscious Conversations book group! We’ll send you some helpful tools and information, and be there for you along the way if you have any questions!