Family Ministries

Something for every style, size, and unique makeup of family!

Kids of all ages and their adults matter here!

At Hillview, we know that families come in all shapes and sizes. From our nursery and toddler room, to our elementary Sunday breakout groups, youth resources Sunday mornings, and monthly all family events we know that moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, guardians, and other adults in these kid’s and student’s lives are all part of their support system, and our hope is to come alongside these important adults in the lives of students and kids at Hillview as we provide support for the whole family.


Nursery/Toddler Room

Sunday Mornings, starting at 10:15 am, you can drop off your 6 year old and younger kiddos in our Nursery and Toddler room, where our loving and well trained volunteers will care for them. We also fully encourage parents to bring littles with them into worship if they would like!

If you are looking for midweek programing for your littles outside of Sunday’s check out Hillview Preschool!

Elementary Kids

Elementary Kids start out in “big church” on Sunday mornings sitting with their families, but after the first song they are invited back with Alison (Our Children’s Specialists) and her team of amazing volunteers to sing songs, play, create, and learn about Jesus’ love together! Alison also plans family events like Trunk or Treat, our hike and bike Easter Egg hunt, and Community Block Parties for Hillview Families!


Every week Claire (Our Communications specialist) puts together resources for Youth to engage with in worship. Our youth are also invited to join in the fun of monthly family events, and to help out in big projects the Kids Min team are working on, or help in church wide efforts to transform Boise (and the world) through love! We are also interested in developing a more robust youth program, and would love to hear from interested volunteers.